Advanced Skin Care Services and Rates

Each facial includes an in depth skin analysis and the following basic services;  deep pore cleansing, warm vapor mist, extraction if wanted, revitalizing neck and shoulder massage, custom finishing mask, sunscreen and moisture barrier cream.

Basic Facial   (see above)    60 - 75 minutes        $70.00

Glycolic acid light peel        20 minutes                  $30.00      
A light peel designed to remove upper layers of skin.  Used to reduce Acne, surface wrinkling and brown spots.  A lunch break peel !!!

Heaven & Earth relaxation treatment      80 - 95 minutes                                          $95.00
Combines our basic facial plus an Acupressure  face, neck, shoulder, hand and foot treatment

Acne tune-up treatment     20 - 30 minutes                                                                  $45.00

a'la carte lunchtime mini facial     30 minutes                                                               $45.00
Cleanse, custom mask, moisturizer, sunscreen and GO!!!

Any above service, buy 6 get one free! (ask about our rewards card)

Non-surgery chemical peel
By consultation only. . . call for free 15  min consult

Free 15 min consult

package of 6                                                                                                                 $475.00
Gently resurfaces the skin.  It may erase facial lines, eliminate brown spots, reduce acne scars


Toxin-releasing treatment designed for men.  Light steam & hot towel, custom mask, beard conditioner and moisture balm.  Includes  revitalizing neck and shoulder massage.

Basic treatment             60 - 75 minutes                                                                        $70.00
Ultimate Male                80 - 95 minutes                                                                        $95.00
Basic treatment plus an Acupressure face, neck, shoulder, hand and foot treatment

Skin fitness consultation                                                                                                 $45.00
Personal skin analysis.   Plus we'll show you how to eliminate razor bumps and use your skin fitness program.


Custom blended Mineral Makeup SPF26
Complete selection of colors for Foundation, Blush, Eyes, Bronzers and Lips
Truely fine minerals, no dyes, or coal tar, or talc. 

Therapeutic Makeup
Our custom blended, color correcting matte cover-up will match your skin tone precisely without risk of breakouts.  Camouflage for trauma survivors, burns, chemotherapy, post laser redness and acne.

Air Brush Foundation
Water base matte makeup, blended to your skin tone.  Sooo easy to get a smooth finished look.

Nufree, 98.6 degree system
.  No burns or abrasions here.  *discounts on combinations

Lip, chin, brow                                                                                                                 $15.00
Underarm                                                                                                                         $25.00
Full face                                                                                                                           $45.00
Bikini line                                                                                                                         $45.00
Lower leg                                                                                                                        $45.00
Full leg                                                                                                                             $75.00


Soleil Defense Facial                                              50-75  minutes                               $95.00
A serious approach to skin care designed to restore, brighten and protect you from free radical damage.  Uses 6 anti-oxidant Super Fruits blended with Active Norweigian Marine Nutrients.

Peptide Penetrating Facial                                     50-75 minutes                                $95.00
This collagen boost facial banishes wrinkles and dehydration as it coaxes marine & Penta-peptide    deep into your skin for an instant lift.  (peptides mend skin proteins)

Ultimate Hydration Facial                                       50-75 minutes                                $95.00
The ultimate remedy for severely dehydrated, water-starved skin.  This intensive Honey & Blueberry treatment leaves your skin dewy and revitalized.

ASHC Supreme Honey Lift Facial                           50-75 minutes                                $95.00
Combines Science with Nature to give your complexion a fresh glowing look, while diminishing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.  Helps your skin boost its own natural protective response, resulting in a truly age-defying lift.

Six Step Anti Aging Lift Facial                                75-120 minutes                           $150.00
See the difference,
two steps to remove unwanted skin buildup, two steps to infuse vitamin "C" and  "A" and other anti oxidants, two steps to lift, hydrate, soothe. See the power point before and afters.  This is healthy rejuvination --- combine with homecare program and enjoy the younger look and feel!!!

Collagen Eye Treatment             (ask for quote)

Peptide Lip Remodeling              (ask for quote)


Aroma Steam Sauna                                              20 minutes                                       $25.00
Modern tech meets ancient therapy in the use of steam & essential oils to create aromatherapy treatments for stress relief, increased energy or respiratory decongestion.  It will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Glazier Salt Body Polish                                          45 minutes                                     $65.00
All natural glazier salt. fragrant herbs & essential oils are gently massaged over your entire body to exfoliate and re-mineralize.  Then experience warm Turkish towels soaked in aromatherapies that gently remove the salts and herbs while stimulating your body, leaving you refreshed and energized.

Thalassotherapy Wrap Package                          120 minutes                                   $170.00
Aroma Steam Sauna, then Gentle lymph full body brushing, followed by Deep Sea Mud Re-mineralization or Sea Enzyme Seaweed Mask to help the skin cells take up more oxygen, release toxins and feed your body naturally occuring minerals.  Removed with aroma Turkish Towels--Then remoisturizing lotion is applied.  --Deeply relaxing--

Avurvedic Body Purification Wrap                        45 minutes                                       $85.00
Is a hydrotherapy treatment designed to increase perspiration which aids in releasing impurities from your body.  Herbs & essential oils may help sore muscles: tensions melt away---to feel reborn---revitalized.


Basic Hand or Foot Treatment                                  30 minutes                                    $45.00
Relieve body tensions with this  calming massage.  Your choice of Hand or Foot Reflexology

Heavenly Hands                                                        45  minutes                                   $60.00
This deluxe package includes a hand analysis,warm mitts, a reflexology massage, with a moisturizing paraben free lotion that leaves you with a little piece of Heaven.  Take home some of the lotion to extend the treat.

Endless Energy Foot Reflexology                               45 minutes                                  $60.00
Energize tired, achy legs & feet with this re-mineralizing foot soak. Includes a reviving Reflexology massage.

Zen Spa Reflexology Package                                   60 minutes                                   $95.00
Delight your tired hands and feet with this tranquil package.  It includes a soothing herbal hand mitt treatment--Along with your choice of re-mineralizing foot soak or relaxing herbal boots, followed by both hand and foot Reflexology.  This treatment will leave you in a Zen-like state of serenity and calm.









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